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The road to a healthy and happy spring term

05th Jan, 2018

The road to a healthy and happy spring term

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun (or when you’re a super busy teacher)! How can it possibly be 2018 and the start of Spring Term already?

However you’ve arrived, we’re here, and it’s time to decide how we’re going to make the most of the year ahead.

Health and happiness. That’s something we all want, isn’t it? It sounds so simple, and it should be! Although, when you’re a teacher with a class full of students who need you and have stacks of planning, preparation and marking to do, finding time to unwind or focus on yourself in any way, shape or form can seem like a mission in itself.

Even if you just take note of a couple of these steps, we’re sure you’ll be well on your way for an improved 2018 with less stress and more freedom.

Just stop

Before the school day starts, find a spot where you can sit, just for 2 minutes, and relax. You could use your desk or even a toilet stall. While you’re there, take deep breaths to help you feel calm, and picture how your ideal day would look. From a positive mind comes positive outcomes.

Start each day afresh

Learn to leave behind yesterday’s troubles and start each day with a blank page. A pupil who was having a bad day yesterday or a situation that didn’t go to plan may be completely different today.

Eat regularly and stay hydrated

We’ve heard it said a thousand times, so we won’t go into it too much, but make sure you eat a balanced diet and eat and drink regularly.

Teachers need to stay hydrated and drink water to stay happy and healthy


It really is the best medicine. Laughing releases feel-good chemicals into the brain and can apparently even help with pain relief!  


It’s surprising how good you feel after a walk. It doesn’t have to be long, even 15/20 minutes will make a difference, but you’ll notice a sense of calm afterwards and maybe even more perspective or inspiration on a situation. Do you think you could go for a short walk once a day?

Teachers can get exercise by going for walks with friends. Teacher health and fitness

Think of what went well and what could be improved

End each day thinking of something that went well and how you could make another part better.

Regular sleep pattern

This one single factor can make so much difference to the way you feel. Get your hours in and try to go to bed at the same time.

Teachers need sleep - spring term - teacher insomnia

School-free time

Your life shouldn’t revolve around work, so make time to let go of school and let your hair down! It’s also a good idea to find something that makes you stop entirely and just relax - baths and books are great!

Plan things to look forward to

Finally, make sure you have things in the diary that you’re excited for, whether that be a holiday, day trip, manicure, games night…whatever!

Have a great Spring Term and a very Happy New Year!